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To permit the easy identification of known Morris Dancers we have taken the bold move of  publishing mug shots. This is to enable the general public to pick them out in a crowd. Also from a Health and Safety point of view it allows on lookers to keep clear of people who are quite likely to be carrying handkerchiefs or dangerous wooden sticks.

Alan - Dancer

Dancer extraordinaire and a long time serving member of the Turbs, getting close to his Morris pension or at least he thinks so!

Andrew - AKA “The Foreman” or “Sir”

Rules the Turbs with an iron hand, (actually it is a plastic one), he can often be seen waving big sticks around to get his own way. An excellent dancer who just loves to show off.

Bryan - AKA “General Dogs Body”

Provides a vital and important role in moving the Turbs equipment around including his wife Jan.

Dave - AKA “Webmaster”, “The Bass” and “The Pirate”

Often found hanging around with musicians or wandering about with a camera in his hand trying to look important. Never talk  in pirate to him!

Gemma - Dancer

Young fit and agile all the requirements for a great dancer, which she is.

Heather - Dancer

As Alan's “better half” she performs an important role in keeping him in check…..sometimes! Alan's lessons in the history of Morris can go on, and on and…….!

Jan - Dancer

Yet another long serving and loyal member of the side with her hubby Bryan always close by.

Janet - Musician and Dancer

She toots her tuneful flute at most events and when she can joins in the fray  with sticks and hankies waving.

Jo - Dancer and Neil’s “Squaw’

Another one of Dr. Turbervilles fantastic collection of dancers.

Ken - AKA “The Bagman”

When he is not dancing he takes the bookings and tells everyone where to go! If you want the Turbs at your event then he is the one to plead and beg to.

Len - Dancer

Another dancer able to hit sticks and not heads also, wave a hanky without removing anyone's eyes.

Lin - Dancer, Events Officer and Squire

A highly talented and experienced dancer. As the squire when she shouts “jump” the side reply's “how high?”

Neil - AKA “Moneybags”

He has a firm hand on the Turbs purse strings and a grip on those strings like a gorilla with rigor mortis. When not counting the farthings he dances. Do NOT ask about his Leggo! Well you can but you will be sorry

Sam - Dancer

With Sam we have yet another highly experienced dancer with her own style and boundless energy.

Tony - AKA “Master of the Music”

The arrangements we use are all from Tony’s brilliant musical mind. He is totally in tune with the dancers and leads the supporting instruments to work with the dancers. It is a pleasure to hear him play and a joy to play with him.

Jill - Dancer

Jill has been doing it for years…dancing that is…and quite a few  with Turbs now.

Annabel Publicity Officer, Bag Person and Dancer

Although new to the side Annabel has bags of energy and is promoting the spectacle of the Turbs to the wider world and beyond.

Darryl - Dancer

Another new  to Turbs, enthusiastic dancer. We hope to enjoy his company for many years to come.