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Our wonderful Master of the Music, Tony,  has made the Turbs music books available to everyone, the download files are the main music book used by all of us to play the right notes in the right order at the same time.

Sometimes we might play the wrong tune this is to keep the dancers awake, sometimes one of us may play a different tune if we missed the call, this is an exercise in confusing everyone!

Many of the tunes have been re-arranged to match the Turbs' dancing styles, some are specials for, dare I mention…….Pirate Morris!

The Jig book is mainly used by our sister side The Knights of King Ina this will also be published on their site.

To download please click on the link, Acrobat Reader should launch and the book appear in it, you can then save it where you want to keep it.

If you are unable to load it then just check that you have Acrobat installed on your machine. We will be happy to mail it to you if you have any problems with this.

The main Tune Book (main tunebook 2015.pdf 4.9Mb)

The Jig Tunebook (Jigs Tunebook 2015.pdf 1.4Mb)