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It has often been said that “you are never more then a few feet away from a Morris dancer”.  The person sitting next to you, your Bank Manager, your district Nurse even the Traffic Warden could all be Morris Dancers! We often hide our identities behind heavy make up and outrageous clothing.  Here at Dr T’s we have “come out” by publishing mug shots and real names........here.

You can witness Morris dancing in its rich and varied forms anywhere in the UK. At village fêtes, folk festivals, Olympic closing ceremonies in fact wherever people may gather a Morris side is likely to appear. During the Spring and Summer we can often be found haunting some of the local pubs. Listen for the bells and clash of wood upon wood and you will find us. Or just look at the events program……….here.   

Morris dancers use many props to perform  their art. This ranges from a simple handkerchief to an intricately carved wooden stick. Hats often form an important part of the performance in their many and various forms. Bells, well what is a Morris Dancer without bells? Some have large ones and some small but most are round and perfectly formed as are many of the dancers!

Dr Turberville’s Morris is a mixed Morris "side" or team originally from Crewkerne in Somerset, UK, we can now be found at Somerton also in Somerset. We "do" Morris dancing (of which more later); mostly Cotswold Morris and some Border Morris. We take our name from the most famous son of Crewkerne, the celebrated oculist Dr. D'Aubigny Turberville.

We dance English Cotswold Morris dances from the villages or "traditions" of Wayford, Hinton-in-the-Hedges, Ilmington, Bampton and Wells. You can find out more about these specific traditions, including where they come from and how they differ.

We also dance some Border Morris dances, including some from Dartmoor, Shropshire and a few other areas, in a sort of "Cotswold" style.

During the Summer months we can be seen dancing most Tuesday evenings somewhere in South Somerset and North and West Dorset, sometimes even Devon, often at friendly local pubs, and we are liable to appear at events such as fêtes and fairs, where we can be recognised by our costume of white, with green and maroon baldrics and ribbons. We can also be seen at Folk Festivals and Morris gatherings elsewhere in the UK and (very occasionally!) even further afield. Details of our current programme can be found by clicking on the "Events" tab at the top of the page.

During the Winter months we practise our existing dances, learn new dances, and teach new members at our base at Somerton in Somerset.

Who and What are we? How did we begin?

Dr Turberville’s Morris was founded in 1982 by a group of enthusiasts who recognised a gap in Crewkerne's cultural heritage. After practising in the Winter of 1982-83, the first public performance was in the Spring of 1983. The Morris team or "side" has continued performing ever since then, with many changes of membership. You can find out more about the people involved - now and in the past - by following the link to "People" below. Some highlights (and lowlights!) of the side's history are included in this website; some parts are best forgotten! The memorable moments include performances at the Cornish Folk Festival, Wadebridge; touring the Isle of Wight for the IoW Folk Festival; playing hosts to a visiting Morris side from California, our own 10th birthday celebrations and providing workshops at the Chippenham Folk Festival . The most memorable event which just never quite seems to happen is our Morris tour of Brittany - one day perhaps?

Flying without wings?